A photo of myself in nature wearing a white shirt

Welcome, I'm Abby Fischler!

I'm a junior at Geffen Academy at UCLA. I'm the president of my school's National Honor's Society and am on the Girls Varisty Soccer Team. Currently, I work as intern to the COO at Hack Club. I work directly for Hack Club COO Christina Asquith, leading on projects to get girls more active and engaged at Hack Club, and working in communications, outreach, project management, events, philanthropy, partnerships and coding. Last summer, I was on the Hacker Zephyr, the world's longest hackathon on land: 3,502 miles long. The Hacker Zephyr was sponsored by Hack Club, which is a is a global nonprofit network of high school computer hackers, makers and coders. I'm an active member of the Hack Club community. I was a 2021 and 2022 Kode with Klossy mobile development scholar and a 2020 web dev scholar. I also am a board member of the UCLA Jonsson Cancer Center Foundation Learning Board. I love all things technology. I'm an ambassador for Bit by Bit and Generation She. I am a 2021 and 2022 Los Angeles Affiliate Honorable Mention for the NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing (AiC).


Teacher Lists is a website for teachers to post their Amazon Wishlists for kind citizens to buy items in need. I coded this using Next.Js, Airtable API, AWS and deployed on Vercel. This website is still in beta mode.

CO2EmissionML is a Linear Regression Model coded in Python (Train/Test split with data, Feature Extraction with data, Metrics). Teacher: @Rowan-W-Fitch

Professional Website is the website you are on currently! I coded this website using HTML, CSS, and JS.

VacLA is an app submission for the Technovation competition. VacLA matches LA’s age qualified residents to a vaccination center near them.

HER STEM STORY is a website highlighting women who have made an impact on their area of STEM.